Patient Checklist

Refer to this checklist to see the steps involved prior to bariatric surgery.

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  • Attend educational seminar with your primary support person.
  • Verify personal benefits directly with your insurance carrier. We will check as well.
  • Complete application/screening visit packet and bring to surgeon’s office.  Include copy of insurance card front and back.
  • Fax a letter of referral from your primary care physician (PCP) to SOBC, (541) 245-4813, or include it with the completed application packet even if your insurance does not require it.
  • Schedule a screening visit (541) 930-7819. At this visit, you will review application packet with the program coordinator.
  • Schedule a psychological evaluation (the program coordinator will provide you with the Contact information).
  • Schedule the initial consultation with the surgeon (after the screening visit). Have your PCP’s office fax over your clinical records that include documentation of medically supervised diets and the most recent tests and lab work performed. FAX (541) 245-4813. These documents should ideally arrive before you come for your appointment at our office.
  • At the initial consultation, you will be expected to pay the program fee.
  • If the surgeon requests additional diagnostic testing, schedule these appointments at this time.Our surgeon will provide a referral for your additional diagnostic testing.In some cases, such testing requires a referral or prior authorization from your PCP to be covered by your insurance. If this is the case, you will have to contact your PCP for this purpose.
  • Schedule nutrition and physical fitness consultations.
  • Upon insurance pre-authorization, we will schedule surgery.
  • Return to surgeon’s office seven to 10 days before surgery for exam and education.
  • Attend mandatory pre-op education class.
  • Attend pre-op clinic at the hospital. You will have blood drawn, talk about admission procedures and deal with any financial issues.
  • Surgery!