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Watching  our Free Online Bariatric Seminar is an important first step required of anyone considering bariatric surgery at SOBC. At the end of the Seminar you will be provided with important information on your next steps to joining our program. 

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It Starts Today – How obesity surgery helps people reclaim their lives

Discover how a Navy Veteran, a Stanford Nurse, and a former NFL player used weight loss surgery to overcome their struggles with obesity.

Video courtesy of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Reeger Cortell, Family Nurse Practitioner at Southern Oregon Bariatric Center and author of Weight Loss Surgery Podcast shares her award-winning video: A Disease called OBESITY.

Judgment, shame, and blame targeted towards people affected by obesity are neither appropriate nor helpful. Delivered as a public service announcement, this video seeks to address this problem head-on. It is stated by twenty-two representatives of people affected by obesity and is intended to be both educational and empowering.

Video courtesy of Reeger Cortell, MSN, FNP