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Excellence. Caring. Compassion: In everything we do and for every life we touch. At Southern Oregon Bariatric Center we understand the day-to-day challenges faced by people struggling with the disease of obesity. Since 2003 our bariatric surgical program has been helping people just like YOU transform their lives from an experience of overwhelming challenges to joyful triumphs.  Read More...

Is bariatric surgery right for you? The answer to this question is discovered both through looking inward to yourself and outward to our comprehensive bariatric program. Along your journey of discovery we will assist you in learning about the types of bariatric surgeries, as well as nutrition, fitness, and behavioral changes critical for life-long success after bariatric surgery.

This website is your first step. Here you will meet our team, learn more about our program, the surgeries we offer, and the important next steps to take along the way from considering bariatric surgery, to having bariatric surgery, to living the rest of your life, triumphantly!

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“At age 55 I feel like a new man.”

Three years ago, Ben weighed 465 pounds, was living with Type 2 Diabetes, and was convinced
that his life would be significantly shortened if he didn’t take immediate action. Then he transformed.

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A Bariatric Surgery Story – Not an Extreme Solution to Treat Your Obesity

Millions of Americans Qualify for Bariatric Surgery: Do You?

Don’t Believe the Myths. Learn the Truth about Bariatric Surgery.

Videos courtesy of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Get Inspired!

Discover how a Navy Veteran, a Stanford Nurse, and a former NFL player used weight loss surgery to overcome their struggles with obesity.

It Starts Today – How obesity surgery helps people reclaim their lives

Video courtesy of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Patient Resources

Support Group Calendar

Our support group provides weight loss surgery patients an opportunity to discuss their new and healthier lifestyles.
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Weight Loss Surgery Podcast

Our family nurse practitioner Reeger Cortell created this podcast to support bariatric patients. Listen to Reeger’s
Weight Loss Surgery Podcast

Post-Op Program

Keep moving. Eat according to instructions.
Drink water. Do breathing exercises. Visit for follow-up care.
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