Thank You

Congratulations! You have taken an important step toward increasing your understanding of bariatric surgery and our program!

We will mail you the New Patient Paperwork Forms. Please allow up to 10 days for the postal service to deliver your packet.

Please complete and return your New Patient Paperwork Forms.

We will then be able to verify your insurance plan benefits, access and review your medical records, and contact you to schedule a group Orientation. We offer 3-4 group orientations a month.

Due to high volume, please allow a few weeks for us to contact you after we receive your New Patient Paperwork.


I feel absolutely fabulous!

I walk with ease and a spring in my step, I can cross my legs (I know this is silly, but not if you’ve never been able to), a smile is always on my face, I go to the gym three days per week, I swim three days per week. I now can shop in the same departments as my daughters. I now gladly get rid of clothes that are getting too big, without the fear of gaining weight back, as in the past.

Call (541) 930-7819. Your transformation starts here.